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I could not resist going the fluffy route here and just had to post this…
Seriously, I think this guy has everyone beat in the front fluffy department. Even @Chalo ‘s Taffy and Randal couldn’t’ compete with this wolf!
And something tells me we’re about to see some conflict escalation rather quickly! Also, did Pixel change her dress to blue? I didn’t know she could do that.

Ok dude, don’t get the wrong impression from me, I really like this wolf guy, a lot to be honest. But I don’t know if you’re aware of, there’s this japanese artist called Amakuchi who is the author of Foxy Rena, erotic comic that tells the story of a magical fox girl called Rena and one of this comic villains is an asgardian wolf guy called Fenrir.
I’m not calling you plagiarism, I’m really enjoy your comic< this is just a heads up in case you didn't know.
P.S: This wolf guy is sooo BADASS!!

Don’t give up SageStrike! Great potential and good set up! Go for it! Be clueless, write awesome! Don’t fret over every detail.

“Be clueless, write awesome” it’s from David Lillie, right?

This really helps a lot when you’re starting to write your story pilot

Yes, it does. The key is story and characters development throughout the story and most importantly, how it ends. Beginnings are just a way to catch the readers attention. It’s doesn’t need to be understood right away as long as it catches one curiosity. And SageStriker, I hope you read this, don’t let the idea of you copying another artist’s Wolf hesitate you. If the characters look, personality, and role is EXACTLY THE SAME with SAME STORY AND SETTINGS, then it’ll be concerning. I do not see that here. So keep going and do not hesitate. You can believe me on that! ^^
Beside, you have any idea how many characters have the name Cynder? Or how many magic casters nave blue eyes? Or how many stories involve a nerd and a girl in school romance? Point is is that they’re all memorable and unique. Make sense?

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