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I swear there is a Star Fox joke here or something. XD
But in all due seriousness, I was blown away with the second to last panel. It’s so spacey and dreamy, like some sort of universal plane of existence. Kind of like a dream-like scene from Naruto or when he talks to that fox or dad or something.
And do my eyes deceive me or do I spy a nude Fulvus? Wait…is Des having one of those types of dreams? XD

Wow, panel four is GREAT! As for the “Fox in spaaaaaaaaace..” comment, nice slight tribute to the old Muppet Show. After all if Pigs can be in space, why not a fox. I have a feeling that if Des has any peanut butter on him, he better hand it over to Fulvus, or he just mught be drop kicked to the far reaches of space. XD

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