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ITS A GIANT DEMONIC BATTLE-AX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVEN BETTER!!!!! now it just needs a speaker playing death metal music and it will be complete

Eeeeeehhh… I think a sword is more her, or a weaponized gauntlet… but that’s me

I dunno, I think a massive battleaxe is rather fitting for her.

Allura is trying to take Dea against her will, and she wants to arrest Fulvus for defending her friend.

Oh, wait… She’s arresting Fulvis for being able to defend her friend. I hope Dea presses charges for attempted kidnapping.

To be fair, we don’t really understand what’s going on between Dea and her sister. She could be a runaway fleeing a bad situation, true, but she could also simply be shirking any responsibilities she might have with her sister’s organization. I believe a few pages back they mentioned she had just up and left one day and had been living on her parents’ tab ever since–that, plus her insistence on shopping when she knew Fulvus needed her help, leads me to believe it’s just an exaggerated case of delinquency.
At least, I really hope that’s all it is. =/

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