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“Feeling each other’s pain” I understand, but how does that give Dea a bloody lip?

Well, I’m not very sympathetic to Dea’s situation. If Thusfar is too much of a “rabid” animal to know when to stop, then I say good riddance to bad rubbish. If YOUR animal went and killed someone, you’d be in some DEEEEEEEP doo-doo… Money wise and prison wise.

He is not “rabid” he is trying to defend his master and her friend. Also he has not killed anyone, I know it is implied that he was going to maybe kill that guy but once again he is defending his master from what he believes is an enemy and you don’t know if he was going to kill him or not. For all we know the Thusfar knows not to kill unless told and only intended to render his enemy unconcious.

And the big explosions say to you: “Yeah, I’m going to knock you unconscious because I don’t want my master getting hurt”? Because to me it looks like Thusfar is going for blood.

Also Dea can’t control him? If that’s the case then what’s to stop Thusfar? Sorry if he’s just an animal and no one can stop him, he would be put down.

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