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Dea probably just wants to shout, “if you had just left me the f**k alone, none of this would have happened!”

Because pretty much all of the blame for that confrontation rests with Big Sis there (okay, Fulvus helped a bit with the escalation, but it’s not like they actually gave her a reason to trust them).

Yeah but then Dea was frustratingly deflecting and vague about staying away from the guild with Fulvus.

Ah, yes… The typical “Blame the Victim” speech…

Except as Thusfar’s partner, Dea has to take responsibility if he goes postal.

Here’s a really interesting thing Dragoncat, IRL, you go get a dog, train that dog to be a guard dog, one day walk along in a part of a city and for some reason (not in defense of you) your dog mauls and kills a person. Guess what would happen to YOU. Your dog is dead. He/She would have already been put down. YOU would be put in prison for wrongful death. Why? you ask, because YOU didn’t maintain a proper control of YOUR dog.

Why the heck should Dea be given an special consideration? “The typical ‘Blame the Victim’ speech”… except Dea is NOT the victim, she’s RESPONSIBLE! It’s even worse than what I wrote in the previous paragraph. At least a dog doesn’t carry a beam cannon capable of tearing down buildings!

Is Dea responsible? Really? Should Dea have just let her sister and her muscle-bound friend take her against her will. From what I saw, Dea did not want to deal with Allura. Allura may think she’s being protective, but she wasn’t really helping at all.

OK, first off, Alura and Dominic said about taking Dea home. If she was allowed to be out on her own then yeah being taken against her will would be against the law. If she isn’t allowed out on her own then taking her home is well within the law. We don’t know the context to know which way is which.

But leaving that aside, when your pet goes postal on a law enforcement officer, YOU are held responsible. And, before you say that Alura and Dominic escalated this… nope. Fulvus attacked first, and THEN escalated it with a “dark” beam cannon strike.

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