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GOD! I never thought this would happen DX
So, long story short, my computer died so I ordered a new one, but the shippers completely destroyed it, so Ive been fighting with them for the past 7 weeks trying to get the insurance money. They gave me 25% of what it was insured for, then denied the rest. So, I managed to scrape enough cash together to get my new rig working right. And thus, I have lots of drawings to submit now! 😀


i get feeling he’s gonna find out the hardway that items are just that and only transform for her when she uses her powers i.e focal points tranforming. ability take usless everyday items and use it as weapons or armor to fight with but the power can only use that class item dagger can tranform into battle axe due to its considered part of the blade family of weapons,as for the flute hmm no idea

one to the explaination about why it took so long that is horse shit those assholes destroyed your property while it was in their care it doesn’t matter what if you are given a package and it’s contents are damage they are obligated to replace the full value of said property.

second, Thank the gods I thought you were dead I hope that we see more frequent updates from now on and nothing like this happens to you in the future

lastly, the comic ooh Fulvus is getting the screws put to her and how is he doing that?
. . .!! Quick Fulvus say nothing he can read your vocal cues if you say anything he will now the answer to a yes or no question

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