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what’s with her eyes????

Well, judging by the conversation, she and the cat/dragon(?) “Thusfar” are connected. So likely that means they can telepathically communicate with each other. Whether or not that’s the extent of their symbiotic connection’s power, that’s to be seen.

You know if Thusfar can’t control himself, then like any rabid animal, he would be put down.

I admit I’m new to this story, but I can’t help but feel that Allura likes to be in control of her little sister. Which would explain why Dea tries so hard to avoid her. Maybe this will convince Allura to let Dea have her space…

Maybe Dea is a bit of an idiot and needs someone to ride herd on her to help her not make stupid choices.

I mean look at her “pet”, she can’t control her it and it’s very dangerous. If you had a pet that could kill dozens of people and you lost control, what do you think would happen to you? Your pet would be put down and YOU would be in prison for a very long time!

Allura might have seen this and went “My sister is an irresponsible little snot and needs someone to make sure her murderpet doesn’t kill a lot of people, but she’s too stupid to realize it.”

Maybe Dea does know how dangerous Thusfar is. Maybe Allura wants to control him and make him into some kind of secret weapon for the Guild. But Thusfar prefers to live a peaceful life with Dea. He’s only transforming to protect Dea and her new friend, Fulvus. If Allura wasn’t so bossy…

Dea did say that Fulvus going to the Guild was a huge mistake. I’m thinking she’s right…

If you went on a random murder spree, you’d most likely be put down if you resisted arrest. If you surrendered yourself, you’d be put in prison for the rest of your life. How does Thusfar get special consideration?

If the Guild wanted to make Thusfar into a “secret weapon”, then they would have tracked him, beat him down, and turned him into a weapon.

Random murder spree is pushing it a bit, isn’t it?
Allura and Dom show up, make it clear that they are taking Dea,
They don’t display any form of authority to do so (no uniform, no badge, no warrant etc.).
Dea doesn’t want to go and appears to be in fear of them.
Allura and Dom persist and tell Fulvus to get out of the way when she challenges them (again without any authority).
An altercation occurs.
At this point, to someone looking on, this looks like a kidnapping.
Thusfar seems more like a bodyguard to me.

OK, there are two options with this: Option 1 is that Thusfar is as smart as a human and understands the culture around him and Allura’s place in society. Option 2 is that Thusfar is a powerful magic pet as smart as a dog.

Either way, Thusfar is out of control. If Option 1 is the case then it’s a prison sentence. If Option 2, then he’s an out of control animal and would be put down.

Bushmaster, if you had a trained German Shepard and Police Detectives (in plain clothes) came up to you to arrest you. Your dog, thinking this was a kidnapping event attacks the officer and seriously hurts one, what do YOU think would happen to your dog? Also what would happen to YOU? Here’s a hint:

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