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A Trip To Cloud Meadow

A Trip To Cloud Meadow published on 4 Comments on A Trip To Cloud Meadow
Wait a minute… This isn’t Desert Fox o.o
Please, allow me to explain
So, lately I’ve been playing called Cloud Meadow, and what it is is a monster breeding game 😉
The game starts off with you, the protagonist, travelling to a floating island called Cloud Meadow, and from there on out, what you do in the game is very much up to you.
If you want to crawl through dungeons, you can assemble a team of monsters and fight in turn based battle to level up.
If farming is more your thing, there are tons of different crops to grow and harvest and sell to expand your very own farm.
Or, if you want to make a living by breeding your monsters, then this is the game for you XD  You have a choice.
You can either breed with your monsters personally, or you can have them breed with each other, and each coaction has its very own animation as well
It’s a super fun game, I’ve spent hours playing it and I highly recommend it to you guys >w<
It’s free to download as well, so if you’re interested in playing it you can find it on the link below
AND… One more thing… Someone very familiar may be making an appearance in Cloud Meadow very soon >.>
The dark mistress herself has invaded another poor innocent dimension…
But the bright side is, if you good folks decide to pledge to the Cloud Meadow Patreon, you can vote to have ‘breeding’ scenes added to the game with Lady Umbra herself 😉
Thanks a lot, I love you guys! o3o/
Drawn by S-Purple


Wait a minute! Now I’m a good few pages in. So, why isn’t there this level of naughty goodness in it yet? Like clearly you’re fine drawing this type of stuff . So why not add it to the comic?

It’s not really the point of this comic. There is raunchy stuff to be sure, but that’s not meant to be the focus

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